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It's time to celebrate when you hit the stage of needing a retainer because it means your braces have been removed! Hooray! Now you must wear a retainer for a specific period of time to help the teeth get use to their new position within your mouth and to give them time to completely set.

Not all retainers are metal bars going across the teeth. Talk with our experienced doctor today about your retainer options.

  • Straight teeth

  • Correct an irregular bite

  • Close unsightly gaps

  • Bring teeth and lips into proper alignment

You'll notice a big difference in your bite, confidence and more with your new award-winning smile!

Orthotics help to achieve

if you've got gaps between your teeth, you may want to consider having them closed by wearing a retainer for a set period of time. depending on the severity of your tooth gaps, you may need to wear the retainer all of the time or just part of the time. Maybe a few hours a day or while you sleep. Let our doctor do a free exam and consult with you to best determine your retainer needs.

No more gaps

Once your braces are removed, a new impression will be taken of your beautiful new smile. With this new impression, we will custom-create your retainer to ensure a smooth and comfortable fit.

Get a comfortable custom-fit for your retainer

Lock in your beautiful smile