Back to School Braces Survival Guide

Girl with braces

It seems like summer took forever to get here, and now it’s already almost gone! Getting into the swing of a new school year is always a mix of emotions, but for students who have recently gotten braces, heading back to school can feel especially stressful. Students have experienced changes to their appearance, and their…

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What Age Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

Four teenagers smiling with straight teeth

As a parent, you’re already aware of how important regular dental care is for your children, starting from an early age. You’re probably vigilant about scheduling regular checkups and making sure everybody brushes their teeth before bed, but you may not know that the American Association of Orthodontists recommends a child have their first orthodontic…

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How to Protect Your Braces While Playing Sports

The next couple of months are full of sporting activities, from Friday Night Lights to fall ball. If you participate in sports regularly and have learned that orthodontic treatment with braces is on the horizon for you, you may be worried this will keep you stuck on the sidelines. We treat many athletes here at…

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Summer is the Best Time to Start Orthodontic Treatment

Girl.Happy girl teen pre teen. Girl with glasses. Girl with teeth braces. Young cute caucasian blond girl in summer outfit

Summer days are finally here! Whether you plan on camping or glamping, swimming or sunning yourself by the pool, staying close to home or jetting off to exotic locations, these long days and later mornings are something we can all get excited about. You probably have not spent much time thinking about your child’s teeth…

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