All About Spacers 


Spacers are effective dental devices that will help you maintain a great smile. When you want to promote the growth of straight teeth with adequate spacing, trust experts at Unger Orthodontics to offer compassionate care for installing dental spacers in Saint Peters, Missouri.


Many orthodontists recommend using comfortable devices called spacers to save room and prepare for the emergence of permanent teeth later. These devices include rubber bands or metal appliances. Orthodontists may place them between your teeth to maintain a gap so that the surrounding teeth don't shift to fill it. Children benefit from this device when they're waiting for their permanent teeth to fill gaps, and adults can use them to preserve a spot for future implants.

Spacers can also create a gap between your teeth for future devices, like braces.

Are Separators Always Needed?

Inserting a spacer to maintain a gap allows proper alignment for teeth later on. Orthodontists recommend them for various reasons, such as tooth removal, premature tooth loss, abscesses, trauma or an accident. However, not every missing tooth needs a spacer. For example, a dentist may not install the application if you lose one of your four upper teeth in the front or if your child's permanent tooth will erupt soon.

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Are Dental Spacers Painful?

Dental Spacers put between teeth

Dental spacers may be uncomfortable at first, but you can relieve the discomfort with over-the-counter medication. The devices typically feel more comfortable after you wear them for a few days.

How Are Dental Spacers Installed?

An orthodontist applies rubber spacers by stretching the device using a specialized tool or instrument and then inserting them in the necessary space. Metal spacers are applied using gentle pressure or floss. A sensation of pressure or pinching may occur as the device fits into place on the gumline.

Caring for Dental Spacers

In addition to routine checkups, the upkeep for spacers requires regular brushing and flossing for cleanliness. Ensure you or your child do not tug or push on the devices with your tongue or fingers. In general, you should avoid sticky foods, candy and chewing gum to prevent the devices from coming out. Also, if you have rubber spacers, do not floss the areas where they reside.

Why Choose Unger Orthodontics for Dental Spacers in Saint Peters?

Some advantages of getting dental spacers at one of our dental locations in Missouri include:

  • Outstanding patient experiences: Our friendly staff makes all ages feel welcome, creating a positive experience.
  • Flexible payment options: We offer accessible care with personalized plans to suit your needs and preferences.
  • Premier care: We have Diamond or Diamond + level providers who can offer the highest standard of care possible.
  • Quality treatment: Our knowledgeable and dedicated experts offer you and your family high-quality services.

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Proactive steps help you and your child maintain aesthetically pleasing and healthy permanent teeth. At Unger Orthodontics, we offer a free first exam as a commitment to making your journey toward a healthy smile easier.

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