Jaw misalignment solutions

Unger Orthodontics provides jaw realignment treatments for patients in Saint Peters, Missouri. Our compassionate team will provide the best treatment for your situation in a comfortable process that results in a straighter, healthier smile. Request a free consultation with Dr. James Unger today!

  • How does jaw misalignment happen?

    You may be experiencing jaw misalignment for a few different reasons. Causes include:

    • Malocclusion: Misaligned teeth can cause a crooked jaw over time. Some patients’ teeth naturally form in uneven positions. Other patients develop crooked teeth after losing their baby teeth prematurely, which results in adult teeth having too much room to veer off course. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder: As the hinge connects your lower jaw to your face, the TMJ experiences nearly constant motion. The ligaments are susceptible to strain from teeth grinding, arthritis or physical trauma — all of which can alter your jaw’s position.
    • Habits: Repeated force can gradually mold the jaw’s growth. A child may develop a projected jaw due to the pressure created from prolonged thumb-sucking or pacifier use.
    • Hereditary factors: Any natural difference in your jaw’s size can lead to misalignment over time. Your mouth may be too small for your teeth, causing crowding and eventual misalignment. If your upper and lower jaw sizes do not match up, the variation may cause gradual shifts in position.
  • Why should jaw misalignment be addressed?

    Correcting your jaw misalignment can help you enjoy a more comfortable life with greater confidence. With our misalignment services, your jaw will rest so that actions like chewing, brushing your teeth and even breathing are more effective. Visit our offices for jaw misalignment treatment that can:

    • Relieve your facial pain
    • Revitalize your oral hygiene
    • Relax your bite
    • Restore your sleep
    • Redefine your diction
  • Our jaw misalignment treatment options

    As a leading orthodontic organization in the St. Louis area, Unger Orthodontics offers many of the most effective non-surgical jaw misalignment treatments available. Our options include:

    • Braces: Traditional archwires, brackets and bands pull teeth and the jaw into place, and we offer clear ceramic braces for the most discreet treatment.
    • Invisalign®: A series of clear, removable aligner trays gradually nudge mildly misaligned jaws into place.
    • Palate expander: A pediatric appliance applies outward pressure to the upper jaw so the mouth widens.
    • Retainers: Wearing a device to retain your results may also work well as the primary treatment method in minor cases.