Overbite correction

  • What is an overbite?

    With a proper bite, the top teeth have a slight overlap, generally 1 to 2 mm in size. In an overbite, the top teeth overlap the bottom, causing too much space. When this gap becomes too big, it is called an excessive overbite.

    There are habits and symptoms to look out for and steps to correct overbites. If you think you or your child might have an overbite, contact your local orthodontist to get their opinion.

  • Symptoms of overbite

    Many believe that overbites only pose cosmetic problems, so they delay or avoid treatment. Lack of care can lead to additional oral health problems and even pain. Some symptoms of incisor overbite include the following:

    • Difficulty opening and closing the mouth
    • Popping noises
    • Earaches
    • Headaches
    • Lockjaw and jaw pain
    • Tooth decay or loss
    • Sleep apnea
    • Increased crowding
  • Why fix an overbite?

    If left untreated for long enough, an incisor overbite can impact speech and affect oral hygiene routines, leading to gingivitis, cavities and serious tooth decay. In some cases, an overbite can lead to decreased self-confidence, extreme pain and possibly even losing your teeth. Correcting an overbite is important to prevent these oral health issues, pain and speech impediments, all while restoring your smile!

  • How we can treat excessive overbites

    If you need an overbite correction in Saint Peters, Missouri, you can trust the professionals at Unger Orthodontics. We provide the excellent care you deserve. Some common forms of treatment include:

    • Braces: Metal brackets and rubber bands straighten the teeth and jaw to the correct position. Patients will wear a retainer after treatment to maintain results.
    • Clear aligners: Aligners work like braces by applying constant pressure to move your teeth into place. Users must wear them for around 22 hours a day, taking them out to eat and brush their teeth.
    • Surgery: Older individuals with extreme cases undergo surgery to align the top and bottom jawbones. Surgery will improve your teeth and mouth’s use and appearance.