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Correcting an overjet aligns your smile and provides you with long-lasting comfort. Suit your wants and needs with customized teeth alignment services. Learning about overjet symptoms, causes and treatment options helps you feel confident taking that next step toward better health.

  • What is an overjet?

    An overjet describes when front teeth extend outward and sit over the bottom teeth. The teeth position themselves at an angle. When this happens, a horizontal difference occurs. For example, when you close your mouth, it’s normal to have 2 millimeters of spacing between the upper and lower teeth. An overjet alignment provides a larger spacing amount. A visual difference appears whether teeth contain a mild, moderate or strong overjet alignment.

    There are many causes of overjets:

    1. Genetics
    2. Thumb sucking
    3. Tongue movement around front teeth
    4. Prolonged bottle or pacifier use
    5. Overcrowded teeth
    6. Late growth of adult teeth
  • Overjet symptoms

    Various factors like jaw position and shape and size and position of teeth provide unique characteristics for every person. Although overbites and overjets are similar, knowing the symptoms of an overjet helps you determine if you have an overbite instead. Overjets occur when teeth appear angled with a horizontal misalignment, while overbites occur when teeth appear straight downward with a vertical misalignment.

    The two issues require different treatments. To help you better recognize overjet, here are some of the symptoms:

    • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder
    • Pain and difficulty when biting and chewing
    • Jaw or tooth pain
    • Teeth grinding
    • Headaches
    • Worn-down teeth
  • Why fix an overjet?

    Overjet correction provides many benefits for adults and children alike, such as facilitating regular chewing and swallowing, lessening jaw pain, worn teeth and teeth grinding, providing comfortable jaw movement and preserving optimal alignment. The numerous advantages of fixing an overjet apply to more than just functionality — you can feel more confident with a corrected smile and enjoy a higher quality of life.

  • Customized treatments for overjet teeth

    Various treatments are available for overjet teeth. Each solution customizes a plan for perfecting your teeth alignment. Options include:

    • BracesThis corrective method typically takes around 18 to 24 months. Braces slowly adjust your teeth into an ideal alignment. Clear Invisalign® aligners provide a less noticeable look than traditional metal, remaining a common choice for overjet correction without extraction.
    • Veneers: Porcelain pieces applied to the front of your teeth blend in with your natural teeth and can last for more than a decade.
    • Dental bonding: Altering the size and shape of your teeth provides a low-maintenance and long-lasting solution for overjet. A composite resin provides the same strength as your normal teeth.
    • Crowns: Align your teeth effectively with custom prosthetics. Crowns cover the surface of your tooth and can last for up to 15 years.
    • Tooth extraction: Removing maxillary first premolars aligns teeth into a better placement.
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