Teeth crowding correction

Dental crowding occurs when your mouth doesn’t have enough room to hold all of your teeth comfortably. Due to the lack of space, your teeth compete for placement, forcing them to grow in unnatural positions. Your teeth will become twisted or displaced, which can be painful and harmful to your overall oral health.


Dental crowding is a widespread occurrence, affecting adults and children alike. It’s important to find a licensed, experienced orthodontist who will provide high-quality treatment. Unger Orthodontics in Saint Peters, Missouri, offers top care to give you confidence in your smile!


Symptoms of dental crowding

One sign you may suffer from dental crowding is your teeth being in twisted or unnatural positions. However, many other symptoms may occur. If you think you’re experiencing crowding in your bottom teeth, look for:

  • Tooth discomfort
  • Difficulty with routine oral care
  • Difficult biting and chewing
  • Jaw pain
  • Bleeding gums after flossing

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, contact the dedicated professionals at Unger Orthodontics in Saint Peters.


How is lower teeth crowding treated?

Crowded teeth can start as an annoying, painful experience that escalates without care. Luckily, lower teeth crowding is a manageable condition with various treatment options. With our premier orthodontic team at your side, you’ll often find some of the following methods:

  • Braces: Metal wires, elastic bands and brackets apply constant pressure to gently move teeth back into position.
  • Invisalign®: These clear aligners are useful for mild and moderate crowding. They work similarly to braces while providing a discreet solution.
  • Spacers: Small metal or rubber separators are placed between your teeth to realign them and create gaps.


Benefits of teeth crowding correction

When you notice crowding in your lower teeth, it’s essential to reach out to an orthodontist to receive treatment. Dental crowding can lead to further issues like cavities and pain if left untreated. Treating this issue will improve your oral hygiene and prevent other serious problems.

Some benefits of teeth crowding correction include:

  • Reduced cavities
  • Less pain in jaw or teeth
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Limited wear and tear
  • Natural tooth positions


Receive your teeth crowding correction with Unger Orthodontics

The team at Unger Orthodontics will help you love your smile again. We know how important your smile is, so we want to help you feel healthy and confident. When you choose to correct your crowding with us, you receive expert treatment alongside caring customer service.

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