Underbite correction

The Unger Orthodontics team provides underbite treatment at our offices in Saint Peters, Missouri. Our orthodontics experts use surgery-free methods to ease patients’ jaws into a more desirable position for greater comfort and confidence in every smile. We invite you to request an appointment with Dr. James Unger today!

  • Underbite symptoms

    A slight difference in your jaws’ alignment can have a ripple effect over time. Overbites cause pressure and friction that can lead to symptoms like:

    • Jaw pain
    • Gum disease
    • Tooth decay
    • Speech impediments
    • Difficulty chewing
  • Why correct an underbite?

    Of all the forms of misalignment, an underbite is one that most often requires medical intervention. Forgoing underbite treatment allows symptoms to worsen. An initially minor complication can escalate into something more serious. Without treatment, your pain, difficulty chewing, potential speech impediments and oral hygiene can become less manageable. Treating your underbite will put you on the path toward true relief while helping you feel more confident about your smile.

  • Underbite treatment options

    At Unger Orthodontics, we use the most effective non-surgical techniques and technology to treat our Saint Peters patients’ underbites. Our staff will help you understand your situation and the treatment options available to resolve it. Our underbite treatments include:

    • BracesOur traditional or clear ceramic braces use brackets, bands and archwires to shift the jaw into a new position that reduces underbite.
    • Clear aligners: Invisalign® produces clear, removable aligner trays as an inconspicuous treatment option for minor underbites.
    • Expanders: An expander rests on the roof of your mouth and applies constant outward pressure on the upper jaw to widen it.
    • Retainers: We’ll provide a retainer after your primary treatment to ensure your jaw stays in its new position.
  • Why Unger Orthodontics?

    Unger Orthodontics has a history of excellence in the St. Louis area, making us one of the region’s most dependable sources for underbite correction. From our friendly hygienists to our welcoming office administrators to our expert orthodontist, our current staff continues a legacy of more than 40 years of premier orthodontic service. You can count on us to provide an inviting patient experience and excellent care that leads to the results you want to see.