Braces For Adults

Adult with Braces

Although orthodontic treatment was once seen solely as a rite of passage for teens, there is been a shift in the way patients think, and orthodontists are treating more adults than ever before. In fact, about 1 in every 4 current orthodontic patients is over the age of 18, a record number! With the number…

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Why Retainers Are Important After Braces

woman with invisalign

Any type of orthodontic treatment takes dedication on your part! There are guidelines you have to follow, extra time you need to spend, and determination on your part to be the best patient you can be while transforming your smile. When the day finally arrives for you to finish up your treatment, it is a…

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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics isn’t an uncommon term, with most people having heard it at least once or twice. However, it can feel a little vague, and even orthodontic patients may struggle to understand all it encompasses sometimes! Here at Unger Orthodontics, we like to take a team approach to the services we offer, and we know that informed…

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