If you're looking for a more discreet alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign may be the right fit for you. Invisalign uses align technology to create a series of custom-made, clear plastic aligners to straighten teeth.

At Unger Orthodontics, we offer an expert Invisalign treatment process to help you achieve the beautiful smile you've always wanted.

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Invisalign is a highly effective treatment for a range of teeth and bite issues. At Unger Orthodontics, we often use these aligners to correct:

  • Overcrowded teeth: When your teeth sit too close together, it can be difficult to floss and brush effectively, leaving harmful plaque and bacteria in your mouth. Invisalign realigns your teeth to sit comfortably side by side for easier cleaning and a more attractive appearance.
  • Teeth gaps: Large gaps between teeth also leave you vulnerable to plaque and tartar buildup. Invisalign closes these spaces by bringing your teeth into proper alignment.
  • Bite problems: Invisalign treatment can correct overbites, underbites, crossbites and other bite issues.
Invisalign aligner

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign provides many unique advantages, including:

  • Virtually invisible: Invisalign uses clear aligner trays that are barely noticeable — there are no wires, metal brackets or elastics.
  • Comfortable: Invisalign aligners are customized to fit over your teeth. They are also made of smooth plastic that sits comfortably against the inside of your cheeks and lips.
  • No dietary restrictions: Invisalign trays are removable, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods.
  • Convenient: Invisalign comes with a series of aligners that you can put in and take out on your own.
  • Quick results: Most Invisalign treatments are completed within 12 months.
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Our Invisalign Treatment Plans Customized for You

At Unger Orthodontics, we use 3D computer imaging to ensure your clear aligners are specific to your teeth and will gradually shift them into place.

You'll need to wear your aligner trays for 20 to 22 hours each day to get the best results, but you can remove them to eat and brush your teeth. You'll also switch to new aligners every week or two. We give you a specific tray-changing schedule to follow based on your unique needs and goals.

Tips for Invisalign Care

Invisalign aligners are generally easy to maintain. Once you begin your Invisalign treatment, follow these oral hygiene tips to keep your trays in good condition:

  • Clean your trays with a mild antibacterial solution, lukewarm water and a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Soak your aligners to remove stubborn food particles.
  • Continue to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Avoid using hot water, toothpaste and any harsh chemicals on your aligners, as they can damage the plastic.
  • Keep the aligners in a protective case when you're not wearing them.

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Unger Orthodontics is your top choice for Invisalign treatment in St. Peters, Missouri. Dr. Unger and his team have over 40 years of orthodontic experience. We've helped countless patients improve their smiles with customized Invisalign treatment.

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