Clear ceramic braces

Ceramic braces in Saint Peters

Orthodontic options have grown significantly throughout the years. Traditional braces are the gold standard of orthodontics, but some patients prefer a more discreet option. With clear braces, you can treat your teeth with “invisible” brackets and achieve the same effectiveness as traditional braces.

Also known as ceramic braces, clear braces use ceramic materials instead of stainless steel brackets. These ceramic brackets can be transparent or tooth-colored so your appliances blend in with the appearance of your teeth. With help from our team at Unger Orthodontics, you can begin this treatment and take the first step toward your new smile.

  • Who's a good fit for ceramic braces?

    With ceramic braces, you’ll rely on tried-and-true orthodontic alignment methods. Clear braces can address many dental issues, from overbites to crowded teeth. Whether your mouth is still growing or you’ve had problems with your bite for years, you may be a great candidate for ceramic braces.

    Ceramic braces can fit a wide range of patient preferences. We often recommend clear braces for teens or adults who are self-conscious about the look of traditional braces. Patients with clear bracket braces enjoy the best of both worlds as they straighten their teeth with a less noticeable form of treatment.

    Other than their “invisible” appearance, clear braces offer a convenient and effective form of treatment. Many patients enjoy having a fixed set of braces on their teeth, so they don’t have to remember to take equipment out or put it in. Plus, tooth-colored brackets are less likely to stain your teeth as long as you follow proper cleaning. If you think ceramic braces may be right for you, Dr. Unger can help you get started.

Treatment process for clear braces

At Unger Orthodontics, we fit every part of your treatment process to your needs. Before we make any decisions, we’ll take the time to listen. Your concerns, questions and current orthodontic issues all inform your treatment plan. We make it our priority to find solutions and address your unique needs through consistent and compassionate care.

If you’re interested in ceramic braces, we’ll discuss specifics when you visit us for a consultation. We use the latest industry equipment to measure your needs and create a personalized treatment plan.

  • How much do ceramic braces cost?

    The cost will vary due to our individualized approach to each patient’s orthodontic treatment. We’ll determine the cost of your ceramic braces once we have an accurate idea of your needs. We believe that quality orthodontic care should fit your budget no matter what, so we offer affordable treatment plans. To learn more about the cost, you can speak with our team or your insurance provider.

  • Schedule your free exam in Saint Peters

    Whether you prefer ceramic braces or another method, we can’t wait to see your smile. You can learn more about possible treatment options when you visit our Saint Peters office. We offer a free consultation exam for all new patients, and it’s easy to get started. Schedule your free consultation online or contact us today!