Kids braces

While most people commonly associate braces with teens, patients of any age can achieve a beautiful smile with this treatment option.

At Unger Orthodontics, we’ll help you determine whether or not your child would benefit from braces, one of our early treatment options.

Should my child get braces?

If your child has poorly aligned teeth or irregularities due to genetics, developmental issues or bad habits like thumb sucking or prolonged pacifier use, they could benefit from braces.

These issues could interfere with your child’s daily life and potentially get worse over time if left untreated. Braces offer an effective solution.

With early treatment, your orthodontist will develop a minimally invasive plan to correct issues and straighten your kid’s teeth for beautiful, long-lasting results.

  • Reasons kids get braces

    Since a child’s jaw and teeth are still growing, correcting dental issues at this age is often easier and quicker. We help build healthy habits, diagnose potential issues and correct them to minimize more involved and costly treatments in the future.

    It’s recommended that kids first see an orthodontist when they’re about seven years old. During this time, an orthodontist will perform a thorough examination, looking for current or potential issues with your child’s jaw and teeth.

    There are several reasons interceptive orthodontics might be recommended, including:

    • Facial or oral irregularities.
    • Protruding teeth.
    • Overcrowding.
    • Impacted teeth.
    • Missing permanent teeth.
    • Overbite or underbite.
    • Difficulty chewing or speaking.
  • Why get your child's braces from Unger Orthodontics?

    Choosing Unger Orthodontics means your child will receive premier orthodontic care in a warm, welcoming environment. We combine experience with science and technology to offer innovative treatments that help improve both the appearance and health of our patients’ smiles.

    Our professionals do what it takes to ensure each patient has the best care and sees results at the end of their treatment.

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